With Easebig Craft's Bamboo Products Factory, You Can Print Your Own Logo on the Products, You Can Choose Color, Customize Package. We can Meet Most of Your Customization Needs for Bamboo Products
With Easebig Craft, You can Choose Sea Shipping, Air Freight, Railway Transportation, Whichever Way Suits You the Most. Easebig Craft Has Years's Experience of Exporting, We Build Solid Relationships With Express Companies Like Fed, DHL. All You have to Do is to Give us an Address, and Wait For Your Products to Arrive at Your Door Timely and Intact.
With Easebig, You won't have to Worry about Packaging, Shipping, Customs Clearance. Our After Sales Team will Take Care or All These and Send You Updates Timely. So You can Focus on Marketing and Serving Your Customers

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Bamboo Products design

Custom Engraving

With Easebig Craft, You can laser engrave your logo or anything on your bamboo products. Our professional design team and logo engraver will help you stand out in the competition.

Out of all of the laserable materials, bamboo products produce the best results while being a lucrative product for your business. Bamboo has been used through history not only because of the strength of the material but also through renewable prospects. … Species of bamboo equal to the height and width of a tree take as little as sixty days to mature completely.

With Easebig Craft, you can use bamboo to do all of the things that you would usually use any other wood material for. However, the history of bamboo and it’s unique characteristics offer a higher perceived value that consumers are willing to pay for.

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Custom Bamboo Products Packaging

Bamboo Products Manufacturer

Easebig Craft is a professional Bamboo Products Manufacturer. We've been supplying high quality bamboo products for many years and we are now one of the most trusted manufacturer in China.

Easebig Craft's own Bamboo Products factory is in Zhejiang -- the province been known as the "bamboo province"in China. Easebig Craft's office is in Shanghai -- the economic center of China and one of the worlds busiest harbour. Because Easebig Craft manufacture most of products in our own factory, you can get the most competitve price for your bamboo products.

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all Bamboo products

Custom Designs

Being a manufacturer allow Easebig Craft to bring all your ideas to reality. Any Bamboo Products from Home&Office ware, personal care, fashion accessories, packing to logistics, Tell Easebig Craft your story and we will make it work.

Easebig Craft have talented designers, experienced engineers and professional bamboo products processing equipment. So we can turn almost all your ideas into reality.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with only ideas in your mind or an entrepreneur with mature products, you will gain a lot by cooperating with us. Not only we can turn yours idea of bamboo products into reality, but also we can reduce your cost by at least 15-30%. It will make you free more money for marketing and customer service.

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Custom Packaging

Easebig Craft offers custom boxes & packaging solutions printed just the way you want for your bamboo products. Our experts fully support our customers’ needs ––from a simple logo to endless possibilities ––with the best value and quality in the industry.

Creating perfect packaging boxes that fulfil customer expectations is never easy. With Easebig, you can specialize in personalized packaging designs that provide your customers with great satisfaction.Our sales professionals provide one-on-one consultations to fully understand your customers’ specific needs and to provide the best solutions for your bamboo products.

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One-Stop Bamboo Products Supplier

Easebig Craft is  a One-Stop Bamboo Products Supplier. With Easebig Craft, You can find almost any bamboo products with great price.  In addition to our own bamboo products factory, we have a huge network of other bamboo products suppliers.

Whether you are looking for consumer goods like bamboo toothbrush, bamboo plate, bamboo straws, bamboo bath caddy, bamboo soap dish, bamboo mat, bamboo razor, bamboo organizer, bamboo dish rack, or bamboo culms, bamboo poles, bamboo sticks to bamboo slats, bamboo panels and bamboo furniture, you can find it here with Easebig Craft.

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